Investors in GOWEX

I’m a shareholder of GOWEX.

What I’ve done and what I want to do to compensate for the damage …

I don’t know if I can cover the economic loss, but I’ll try until the last minute of my life.

What have I done and what am I doing to compensate the harmed of GOWEX.

  • The first thing I did was to voluntarily return all the money I had for compensation for the damage. Approximately 5 million euros that were in Luxembourg.
  • Also, I deposited my bail as part of the compensation for the damage. The bond is 600,000 euros and is the largest bond deposited in Spain for a criminal case.
  • I have helped those who didn’t have the means to claim the losses in the courts.
  • I have collaborated with the National Court in everything that has been requested and I am available for all those necessary inquiries.
  • I have tried to help the bankruptcy administrator to make the best use of the assets of GOWEX and the community of the activity of the company.
  • I have created GOW2X, S.L. and half of the shares of the same will go to the hands of the shareholders of GOWEX.